Canal Safety

Don't swim in ditches or canals
  • Water is very cold!
  • Water moves very fast and can sweep you away before you have a chance to get out
  • Others can be pulled in trying to rescue you
  • Ditch and canal bottoms can contain hazards or debris that are dangerous and can snare you

Don't play in, on or around ditches/canals or irrigation structures. 
  • Canal banks and irrigation structures are private property

Don't play, walk, run, etc. on ditch and canal banks
  • Banks can be steep and slick and can be difficult to get out of.

Don't drink irrigation water
  • Irrigation water comes directly form the river and is not suitable for consumption.

Don't use boards, old trees or other things to build bridges across ditches and canals
  • These can impede water flow and maintenance and cleanup efforts.

Do obey any posted signs along ditches and canals
  • They warn of danger
  • They help keep you safe